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I might have a new idea, technology or content that I want to protect

It would be quite an achievement if you started a new business or new project and didn’t create a whole bunch of intellectual property (“IP”), regardless of how “technological” it is. Some businesses and projects will produce more than others, but all the same, you’ll have some.

Protecting this intellectual property might require some expenditure of money or time, or it might require you take steps early on in its development. Not every jot of IP is going to be worth the cost or hassle of protecting it, but some will be. Oh, and your potential investors will want to know about the IP you’ve been developing. It’s important, then, to figure what you have got and how you’d go about protecting that. To do that, alas, you probably should see you IP counsel, unless you already have a lot of experience with IP protection.

Rick Sanders Law‘s experience in identifying and protecting your valuable IP concepts make us the perfect choice to help you cover this sometimes overlooked and misunderstood investment. Contact us to see how we can bolster your IP protection.

What kinds of IP might you develop that you should be on the lookout for? Here is a brief summary of the major types of IP (and here is a handy table summarizing the differences):

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