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Copyright Registration and Licensing

Before you license out your software, or agree to that book deal or put the best picture you took all year up on Google +, remember that all of these are assets that can (and often should) be protected. Much of what you produce is protected under copyright law from the moment of creation – we work with you to identify those assets that can and should be registered with the Copyright Office, and we help you with the strategies and the documents to allow you to exploit the full value of those works.  Knowing what your company’s intellectual property assets are, including its copyrights, can go a long way in helping to put a value on the company, and can often make that value much higher than you might have thought.

Agreements around use of copyright assets is an area of the law that is full of traps for the unwary. We’ll help you know whether your copyright is being transferred, or whether you’re acquiring the rights to copyright, through a license, an assignment or a work-for-hire agreement. And we’ll help you stay on top of those agreements so that the parties don’t end up in an implied license situation. Because those aren’t good for anyone.

 And of course we will work with the Copyright Office to register your copyrights for you. It is important, and it’s cheaper and easier than you might think!