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Counseling and Advice

Our clients may not always require work product or documents from us. Questions arise in business about any number of issues – what a copyright or trademark strategy should look like going forward, how best to structure a service agreement for multiple clients, or how to document the protection of the company’s trade secrets. Some clients need an introduction in to what the different areas of intellectual property law protect.  We often have individuals reach out to us well before they’ve taken the first step to start a business to discuss their options for forming a company, clearing and protecting the brand name, and taking basic steps to avoid unnecessary trouble. One of the best things we can do is help clients make sure that they will own the intellectual property that they create (or their developers create) and that it doesn’t accidentally slip out of their hands.  We are always happy to talk to you before the project starts so we can help you stay ahead of problems that may arise and cure them before they ever come up. We also serve as general counsel to businesses who just need someone to turn to with every day questions about intellectual property, licensing, or a dispute that is brewing with another party.