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Fighting Online Infringement and Scams

The web is full of shopping sites that offer great deals. But so often, the deals are just too good to be true. In fact, once they take a customer’s money, if the customer ever sees a product at all, it is of poor quality and not what was advertised. These scam sites victimize customers, but they also victimize legitimate clothing and other product designers, photographers, and retailers by copying their content for their own infringing ends.

Fortunately, there are tools available to legitimate producers and creators to stop this infringing activity. Many of these tools are available online. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act allows for internet service providers who host or display infringing content to avoid liability if they act expeditiously to remove the content after receiving notification that it is infringing. At Rick Sanders Law, we know which internet service providers to contact, whether it is the hosting company or the advertising company. We know how best to contact them, and how each company’s policies treat repeat infringers. When our clients’ copyrights are being infringed online, we can often get the infringing material taking down quickly and at minimal cost to the client. We know how to search out infringement so that we can have it taken down as quickly as possible, before a customer is duped and our client’s reputation is damaged because of faulty counterfeit products. If you are a maker or a photographer who has seen your content infringed by these fake shopping sites, contact us. We can help.