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Good written agreements create comfortable relationships between customers and vendors, and help you prioritize your company’s needs and establish consistent business practices.  Agreements on the front-end can save you thousands of dollars later in attorney’s fees, court costs, lost work time, heartbreak and headaches.  Contracts don’t have to be in writing, but it’s much, much better if they are – implied licenses can leave a court guessing what the terms are and may well be interpreted in a way neither party expects. We draft and negotiate licenses for hardware and other technology, as well as service agreements for web developers and designers, marketers, and consultants.  Our attorneys have over a decade of experience drafting and negotiating contracts for clients across industries – major auto part manufacturers, small equine and livestock companies, individual investors, and retail establishments.  We have gotten out our red pens, rewritten provisions, and had debates with opposing counsel over telecommunication agreements, patent licenses, source code escrow agreements, and software support-and-maintenance schedules, and all manner of service agreements. We are more than happy to do the same for you.