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Business Formation

There are basic steps to think about when starting a business, whether it’s meant to be a high-growth startup or a small family shop.  Some of those steps are going to be required by law, others are the choice of the business depending on its long-term strategies. We help clients walk through those steps by making the decision as to what kind of business entity to form, whether it’s a limited liability company, a sole proprietorship, or a corporation with shareholders. We’ll make sure the business is in compliance with all state filing regulations, and put together related documents like Operating Agreements.

Not all considerations about starting a business have to do with what kind of entity to form. If the business needs brand protection, initial vendor agreements , or website documents like terms of use and a privacy policy, we’re here for that too.

Aaron | Sanders Law does not practice securities law or tax law and does not purport to give advice in those areas, but we can point you to the correct resources to have your questions answered.