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Internet Law

Cyberspace is not a safe haven from regular “terrestrial” laws, but it does create unique issues that need to be carefully handled. We can help guide you through the minefields – we will work with you to craft web site terms of use that give you protection in case of copyright infringement from user-generated content. We will advise you on the best ways to keep your file-sharing site safely immune under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. When cybersquatters get in the way, we will help clear them out quickly and efficiently.

As we move into a system of commerce that increasingly trades personal data instead of money, new questions are arising all the time about what can be done without data without running afoul of privacy laws. Mobile apps and geolocation devices raise their own unique issues. We keep up with the changing state of the law and advise our clients constantly on how to stay ahead of the curve without sacrificing good business opportunities.

For details about how we help you with specific internet-related legal issues: