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Data Protection Law

GDPR. CCPA. Not to mention HIPAA, COPPA, GLBA, FTC and FCC. The litany of laws and regulations when it comes to processing the data of individuals is vast, constantly changing, and heavily acronymed. We can help you navigate this minefield – do you need to comply with GDPR? Are you collecting personal health information? Which state data security laws do you need to observe? How should you prepare for and respond to a data breach at my company? We consult with business and academic organizations to develop internal privacy policies, formulate data breach response plans, and compile compliant privacy notice to customers.

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GDPR and U.S. Companies

The General Data Protection Regulation came into effect in May 2018 and is affecting companies all over the world. We talk about what U.S. companies need to know about creating internal privacy and data protection policies and drafting privacy notices to stay in compliance with GDPR and other rapidly developing privacy laws in the U.S. and abroad.