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My website needs terms of use and a privacy policy

If your company’s website is just a landing page with your contact information and some information about your business, then you really don’t need a lengthy terms of use, although you probably want some kind of disclaimer in case there is inaccurate information on your site.

Similarly, if you aren’t collecting any kind of information from people who come to your website, and you don’t use “cookies” or other trackers to trace what your visitors do on your site, then you don’t really need a privacy policy.

But as soon as you start collecting information, tracking visitor’s behavior, or allowing your visitors to interact with your web site, then you’ll need to set up some protections for your business with Terms of Use, and to tell your customers what you’re doing with their information in a Privacy Policy. We offer both and we do the work on a flat fee.

The length and complexity of your Terms of Use will depend on the kind of activities that your customers can engage in on your site. We’ll work with you to draft terms of use that fit with your business and don’t scare your customers to death.

If you are collecting financial or health information, or information from kids under 13, then there are specific rules that need to be followed in terms of the disclosures in your Privacy Policy and the options you provide your customers. Outside of that, the most important idea is that the Privacy Policy is accurate, and that customers aren’t misled about what’s happening with their information.

At Rick Sanders PLLC, we’ll make sure your website’s Terms of Use protects your company and its Privacy Policy complies with applicable regulations. Contact us now to start the process of making your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy solid.

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