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I’ve been asked to sign a long contract. It’s all legalese to me

Contracts are sometimes long, and nearly always boring. Fortunately, lawyers like us love getting down into the details of what a contract actually says. It’s easy to think that all those words are just “verbiage” or legalese, but lots of lawsuits turn on what a contract says and how clearly it says it.

And little errors can have big consequences. There is a major difference between selling your “farm equipment and animals” for five hundred dollars, and selling your “farm, equipment and animals” for $500!

We are here to read through thick documents and we know how to spot the important issues (even in the “boilerplate” paragraphs on page 78). We’ll tell you where the risks are and help you negotiate a deal that works for you.

At Rick Sanders Law, we sweat the small stuff so you can keep your eyes on the bigger picture of your business. It’s not just legalese to us. Contact us and let us start putting it into language your business can understand.

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