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I need a privacy policy for my website

Privacy is all over the news these days. There’s a new breach every week, and facial recognition is even coming to our mobile phones! At the same time, new state laws are being written at a furious pace. New laws are coming to California that will restrict what you can do with your customer’s information and expand consumers’ rights to control their own data. Your privacy notice will communicate to your customers how you collect, use, store and share their information, but will also communicate to the state, national, and even international authorities that your business is complying with all the relevant laws. Privacy notices should never be cut-and-pasted from some other service – the most important thing is that they honestly communicate to your users how YOU will treat their data.

We’ll make sure we understand the way your business stores and processes data before we draft the notice, rather than trying to make the processes fit a one-sized-fits-all policy.

Recent Projects

Negotiating data protection agreements on behalf of SAAS companies.

Consulting with academic organizations with international membership about how comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe while maintaining a database of their members to supply journals and for archival purposes.

Advising a small payment platform developer who is processing information of European customers for online stores based in Europe about Data Protection Agreement.

Revising a privacy policy for a child-focused physical fitness website.

Planning and Drafting a Data Breach Policy for an HR company.